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Glitter & Ice Puts a Spin on Holiday Beauty

December 15, 2011

OK…so one thing blogging is good for is providing a place to post pieces that one has worked on and that deserve face time. The below is one of those pieces. I wrote it for Daily Glow, but due to some computer or html coding difficulties, it could not be posted there. So here it is.

It is my first celebrity interview!!! Soo exciting! (Particularly because I have been a skating fan my entire life. or at least since grade school.) FYI…I bought some of the Glitter & Ice makeup. I LOVE the Paint Pot in Morning Frost and the lipstick in Whirls and Twirls!

Enjoy! CL

When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Fun, shimmery makeup to wear to all those parties, of course! M.A.C. Cosmetics has taken a winter wonderland approach to holiday beauty with its new Glitter & Ice collection. The collection debuted online and at M.A.C. counters in late October.

Glitter & Ice features limited-edition beauty powders that can be used as a highlighter ($24,, mineralized eye shadows ($21,, Paint Pot cream eye shadows ($18.50,, lipsticks ($15.50,, and Dazzleglass lipglosses ($19.50, The collection also features kohl eyeliner pencils and nail lacquers.

Ice Parade gift bags and kits, comprising snow globe-inspired packaging and limited-edition makeup brushes with glitter that floats in the handles ($36.00-$59.50, are available as well. The Ice Parade Snow Globe Eye Shadow palettes contain six shadows that come in a compact topped by a snow globe ($38.00,

“Our global creative director, James Gager, said that it was like a winter wonderland in his backyard after it snowed,” M.A.C. senior artist Romero Jennings tells Daily Glow. So part of the inspiration for Glitter & Ice was the ice and shimmer seen on snow, in snow globes, and in figure skating.

Jennings also said that in the past, Gager has said how he admired figure skating, and how much passion skaters must have for their sport. The determination that athletes must have to succeed in this sport, as well as the wonder that goes along with it, also inspired Glitter & Ice.

The face of Glitter & Ice is, appropriately enough, Olympic figure skater and longtime M.A.C. client Johnny Weir. “M.A.C. has been a huge supporter of my career, and has sent its best makeup artists to help me prepare for appearances,” Weir tells Daily Glow. He goes on to say that he went in and talked with Gager about ways that he could work creatively with M.A.C.

Ultimately, they decided to collaborate on a holiday collection. “It makes sense with me being a winter athlete and a figure skater,” says Weir. He went to explain that his beauty philosophy starts with proper skin care. “I pride myself on having good skin and taking care of it. If you have a good base, you can build from there and do anything you want.”

In terms of holiday beauty, this is the time of year when people gather together, Weir says. “Holiday to me is all about putting your best foot forward and having memories that will last forever.”

Looking towards the future, says Weir, “I will continue to work with M.A.C. in some capacity.” Weir’s fans know that he is a fan of all things Russian. “I have been traveling there for years, and my life has been so influenced by Russia, I would love to create a collection with M.A.C. inspired by Russia.”

In addition, Weir says that come 2012, he will be back on the ice training hard for a possible comeback. “I have not yet committed completely, but the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are looming, and it’s a pretty sight to me at the moment.”


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