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Driving Miss Sylvia the Pit Bull Mix

February 1, 2012

The other day, my friend Sue and I sat in my car for two hours with Sylvia, a female pit bull mix who is up for adoption at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. Sylvia is very stressed at the shelter, so she is not eating and is very underweight; she is also not a fan of the cold January weather.

When I got there, Sue and I took Sylvia for a short walk. It took a while to coax her out of the shelter’s yard. Once Sylvia made it across the street, Sue offered her some premium dog food, which she proceeded to inhale.

Then it was time to rest. I took a clean sheet from the LHS laundry room and spread it over the back seat of my car. Sue and Sylvia climbed in the back, and I sat in the driver’s seat. Sylvia lay right down with the most peaceful look on her face. It was so nice, quiet, and warm in my car.

We rubbed Sylvia behind the ears and petted her side. She went right to sleep, and even tried to curl up in a ball, which is tough when you are an 80-pound pit bull mix (or you are supposed to weigh 80 pounds; Sue said she thinks Sylvia is about 20 pounds underweight).

Sylvia seemed so grateful for the love and attention, I didn’t even mind that she let fly a succession of smelly farts. (Sue told me the gas is from the rawhides the dogs get in the shelter.) Although her Petfinder profile said she needs to be the only dog in the home, she didn’t really get too fazed by any of the dogs passing by.

I felt terrible having to lead Sylvia back to her cage. Sitting in my car, talking with Sue about everything under the sun, and petting Sylvia and seeing her so completely relaxed made me so happy, I didn’t want the moment to end. I just hope Mesa and Pashmina know how lucky they are: they feel secure and loved all the time, the way Sylvia felt for two hours.

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  1. thanks Elizabeth!! 🙂

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